BYLIMA was launched in 2014 by the owner Salima Tarzati and expanded into an international brand started from the Netherlands, with one store located in Amsterdam.

Bylima caftans

Bylima considered to be one of the most celebrated caftan designers in the Netherlands and in the Arabic World. Bylima exquisite designs are masterpieces that embody Moroccan authenticity and elegance. The atelier has dressed many Moroccan and Arab celebrities and royalty, which has brought much attention to the brand. However, her hard work and creativity are secrets to her continued and growing succes. Recently, Bylima started her own scarves and burkini line, which is already populair around the globe.


BYLIMA Internationaal

BYLIMA presented her new collection during the Dubai fashion week at the Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort. The royalty collection of BYLIMA is according to Salima Tarzati for royal class and women of the future. After the fashion show, the invited celebrities, emirates, bloggers, and princesses, could have a drink and socialize with eachother.



Salima Tarzati is a self-taught fashion designer who was born and raised in Amsterdam. She grew up in a traditional Moroccan family. Salima has been fascinated with fashion since she was a little girl.

Her own label ‘Bylima’ was created to fullfill her dream of being able to see her garments worn by beautiful women around the world. Her sence of creativity as a self-taught designer is unique and her bubbly personality can be seen trough her pieces.

‘Since I was a little girl, my love for fashion has been big. I feel like a princess when i’m wearing my own creations. Therefore, I want to put the Arabic and Moroccan fashion in one dress.My inspiration comes from travelling around the world and by seeing different cultures. My imagination also comes from simple things in life, like nature flowers and colors. I try to combine these things and put them toghether into fashion’.